Bike & Build

May 31st - Hills.

Cleaning chains in front of the church
Cleaning chains in front if the church. Click to rotate.

We biked another 50-ish miles today. The hills have been getting worse, but the group I was with was great. As usual, clock through the pictures and hover your cursor for captions. 

May 30th - The End of the Firsts

Predawn playground
I awoke before dawn to pack laundry the playground looked really neat in the predawn light.

For a while, at least. The rode was around 50 miles, and nothing really striking stuck out. Still a nice day. 

May 29th: 70 miles and clean clothes.

Helen pulling back onto the freeway
Stopping for a while at a river under the road. A semi buzzes by our bikes.

May 28th - My First New City

Bikes on a tarp
I realized I haven't uploaded many day-in-the-life photos. Here are the bikes on their tarps (to keep hosts floors clean)

Today we biked 70 miles (mostly flat) from Charleston to Pinopolis. The latter is a small town full of wealthy folks' houses. 

May 27th - My First Build

Setting up roof guards.
First, we installed roof "guardrails". Each of the J-shaped things support three 2x4's, forming a railing.

Today we participated in our first build day. The whole group laid an asphalt roof in a morning. 

It was very Mike Mulligan-flavored. 

(I'll try to post daily entries, but internet access may vary. In that case, I'll try to catch up when Internet returns.)

May 26th - Orientation

Trailer packed full
In the morning, we practiced what will become our routine by packing all our things into the trailer.

As with yesterday's post, hover over the images for a caption. I may see about more verbosity when I have more than a phone to work with. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!

May 25th - The First Day

The plane we took from white plains to Philly
We walked across the Tarmac in White Plains to a tiny little plane.

Hover over the images to see a description. This site isn't really made for slide shows. 

I'll see if I can come up with anything more clever. Let me know how this works.