July 27th - Fairgrounds!

The tents, my friend, are blowing in the wind. The tents are blowing in the wind.

In yesterdays post, I promised more cool pictures of the fairground. Here they are!

When Helen and I woke up this morning, we were surprised to find high winds making life difficult for those in tents. Overnight lows notwithstanding, we all headed out around 9 to work on a build site for a while. They had a little interior work - cutting trim and wiring - that I helped out with. Most of the group was in the front yard landscaping. (I didn't envy them: it was cold and wet.)

We stopped by a bike shop on the way back from the build site and picked up patch kits. The southwestern part of Oregon and northwestern California are desert, so it'll be a while before we hit civilization again.

Finally, sorry about the delay. I was in California for a bit, then flew back to Boston, then drove cross-country. I'm getting settled in now, and can get back to real-world obligations.