July 25th - Rockets!

Helen and I slept out under the stars and got a nice view of the dawn.

The ride today took us from the small town of Brigham City to the smaller town of Snowville. Around here, we only pass towns every 20-50 miles, so anywhere we can stop is a good place. We rode about 60 miles, mostly on a quiet section of I-84W, the same road I take to get from home to school. 

Asking the way we passed a Orbital facility where they built and tested rockets. It's odd, to say the least, to see an office building designed for a hundred people 40 miles from anywhere. Out in front, they built a rocket garden of engines Orbital had some part in building. Their centerpiece was the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster, which was around 100' tall and 12' or so in diameter. It is huge. 

Later in the day, we pulled into I-84 (it's just about the only paved road between here and Boise) for a spell. The interstate wasn't too busy, and had a wide shoulder. For a few miles, resurfacing work forced all traffic into the right lane, so we had a12' buffer from traffic. 

In Snowville, we set up in a small city park, for want of anywhere to camp. It was a little weird.