July 22nd - Building Fences

We rode to the build site in the morning. In a large group, we make quite an impression.

Literally. In the past three years, Bike & Build has rehabilitated this house from the ground up. Around five years ago, a developer bought the land around the house with plans to demolish the block for an apartment complex. Fortunately, the building was on a historic register and the developer was blocked from demolishing the building. They elected to sell the house to Habitat and develop the remainder of the block. In the past three years, Habitat has completely rehabilitated the house, replacing windows, removing lead, and  the interior. Bike & Build helped start the rehab two years ago, and we finished it. 

With a fence for the yard. 

The owners have already moved in, so we chatted with the wife. Her children helped a little bit with digging fenceposts.