June 18th - Day Off!

Breakfast at a diner
A bunch of us went out to a local diner for breakfast. It was charming, even if the locals thought we were a soccer team. (There was some southwest championship going on in the area.)

Little Rock hosted our first day off. As I mentioned, it was asks the first non-church host, so we were in a real house. Our hosts were a couple who had both ridden SC2SC in different years. 

I caught up on my photo journaling, Helen played with watercolor and writing in her journal. It was a really pleasant break from the physical exertion of Bike & Build. 

Other notes, in no particular order:

  • We slept in until 6:45!
  • I replaced by camelback's mouthpiece with one that didn't leak. 
  • Helen and I boarder visited the Purple Cow, a small dinner chain that presumably sent the C&D letter to Easton's Purple Cow (now the Bank St. Creamery)!
  • A tropical storm blew through, so we had one extra excuse not to go to far.